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We value your privacy. This is information about the processing, legal basis, purpose and scope of the information we process about our customers and visitors to our website.

Personal data controller: Allocacoc s.r.o., ID 03800156 with registered office at Kulkova 4045/8, Brno 15 61500, Czech Republic.

Data on your device

We store cookies on your device. The content of the cookies is a way to identify a specific visitor and to provide them with the possibility of continuous interaction with the website, in particular to enable the creation of a user account, login, purchase. They can also be used for technical optimization of the operation of the website platform, security functions and technical recording of the choice of display preference according to your device by the technical infrastructure operator. Providing basic functionality, taking care of operational security and stability is our legitimate interest.

We may also use cookies for other purposes based on your consent. With regard to the nature and purpose of the use of the data, we distinguish the following basic types:

  • Functional: Additional features that enhance your browsing experience, save some of your preferences without a user account or login, use of scripts and/or third-party resources, widgets, etc.
  • Analytical: The use of analytical tools allows us to better understand our visitors' needs and how they use our site. We may use first-party or third-party tools to track or record your browsing of our website, to analyze the tools or components you have interacted with or used, to record conversion events, and the like.
  • Marketing: We may use cookies and third-party tools to improve our or our partners' product and/or service offerings and their relevance to you based on the products or pages you have visited on this Site or other websites.

We can use your browser's local storage. We do this on the basis of your consent.

Right of access and other rights

Under the relevant legal provisions, you have the right to:

  • to correct erroneous personal data,
  • request the erasure of personal data we process about you, except where we are required to process it by other legislation or legal interest,
  • the right to request the transfer of personal data or to restrict its processing.


In case of questions or other requests, you can contact the data controller or the data protection officer at

You may also contact the relevant data protection authority.

Updated: 01.01.2023


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